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Dymo keyboard reverse

I love my labeling machine! The parts bin I've labeled looks so fancy. But not all my drawers are labeled yet. Why? It's because of this stupid rubber membrane keyboard. I could be so much faster if only I could connect a regular PC keyboard or even better connect the Dymo straight to the computer. For sure, PC-enabled Dymo does exist, but it's quite pricey. Furthermore, the tape system is not compatible with the consumer line of Dymo and prosumers and I've already bought a bunch of those.

The teardown

I would lie if I told you it was the first time that I opened up this device. The construction is very standard, with two half-shells held together by self-tapers. The backside of the Dymo

The Keyboard matrix

Open collectors outputs to the rescue

PS/2 Keyboard integration

Custom PCB

What's next?